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Juliet and Romeo: When it rains

Who: Juliet and Romeo
Where: Juliet's apartment
When: recently

He didn't expect for it to rain when Romeo hopped on his vespa and rode over to Juliet's apartment. He's been spending a lot of time there, but he spent last night in his dorm just so he could ride over, all romantic-like. Or something. But now his clothes are soaking wet, his vespa's soaking wet-- everything is soaking wet. Romeo knocks roughly on Juliet's door, a bouquet of soaking wet roses in his hand, and then opens the door, constantly pushing back his blonde hair.

Juliet sees him and immediately has to keep herself from falling on the ground from laughing too hard. “Oh baby,” she says, coming closer. “You’re all wet.” Just in case he didn’t know.

"Yeah, Jules, I know that," he says, sighing. "It's raining outside." Romeo closes the door, not moving far into the room so he doesn't drip too much. "I brought you some flowers." Then he hands them to her, giving Juliet a kiss on the corner of her lips; God knows he wants to do more, but he doesn't exactly want to get her wet.

She smiles at him, trying not to make an ‘awww how cute’ face. Juliet takes the flowers and turns to kiss him properly. She breaks away to put the flowers in the kitchen, still slightly laughing at wet!Romeo. “You can come in here baby,” she calls. “We’ll get you a towel and get you nice and dry.”

Romeo exhales a laugh, running a hand through his hair, trying very carefully to not drip as he does so. "Okay, baby," he says, walking quickly across toward the kitchen. "I was going to take you for a ride, but... yeah."

“That’s fine, we can go later,” she tells him, grabbing the lapel of his wet jacket and tugging him closer. “We should get you out of these clothes, hmm?” Juliet raises her eyebrows. She tries not to look too eager.

"Mmm," Romeo says, wrapping his arm around her waist; he looks eager enough for both of them. "We should. And oh, look." Romeo lifts up the back of her shirt slightly. "You're wet now, too. You should probably get out of your clothes, too."

Juliet shivers slightly, goosebumps rising on her skin from his fingers. “Well darn,” she murmurs, leaning up. “I think we only have one clean towel.”

Romeo makes a considering face, tightening his arm around her waist so that their bodies are touching. "Well darn, indeed. One towel won't work for both of us." His lips touch her neck and then her ear. "Maybe we could air dry?"

She laughs and wriggles away from him. Her shirt’s damp but she doesn’t really care, she just pulls it off and leaves it on the counter. “Come on, baby. Let’s go get a towel.” She walks past him, making her way to the linen closet.

"Okay, Jules," Romeo agrees, taking off his shirt and leaving it next to hers. Might as well. He opens the closet and reaches for a big white towel. "Surprisingly, I don't think we'll both fit."

“No, we won’t. That’s why it’s for you,” she says, pulling him forward to unbuckle his jeans. “You need to take these off. You’ll catch a cold.” Nevermind the fact that the apartment’s nice and cozy.

And never mind the fact that his jeans are the most dry part of him. "I wouldn't want to catch cold and have to have my wife—" and then maybe a shiver runs down his spine, because she's his wife— "tend to me." Romeo takes off his belt and tosses it on the floor.

“Oh Romeo,” she sighs, running her hands up his torso, “I’d tend to you even if you didn’t have a cold.” Maybe. If he wasn’t too demanding.

"Is that a promise, baby?" Romeo says, deep in his throat. God, she's too sexy for her own good.

Juliet glances up at him through her eyelashes. “Of course it is. Would I ever lie to you?”

Romeo shakes his head, grinning contently. "Nah, I don't think so. You love me too much."

“That’s right,” she murmurs. Her arms wind around his neck to pull him down for a kiss. “Do you love me, baby?” she asks quietly. She just…needs to know. Whatever. She’s a girl. It’s allowed.

"Of course I love you, Juliet," Romeo says, almost as if it was a stupid question. "I have and I never will love anyone more than you." He deepens the kiss, thumb sneaking over the waist of her pants.

She smiles into it, wriggling slightly from his thumb. “That tickles,” Juliet whines through a laugh. “No fair.” She pouts.

Romeo laughs, looping his thumb over her underwear now. "Not my problem, is it?"

Juliet laughs and wriggles away again. She’s incredibly ticklish. She hates it. It’s like a sign of weakness or something. “It is if you don’t stop,” she tells him, raising her eyebrows.

"What are you going to do to me, hmm?" Romeo says, holding her waist so that both of his thumbs can run along her back and sides.

It sends shivers up her spine, and she shudders. “Nothing,” Juliet tells him, giving him a meaningful look.

"So what's stopping me from doing it?" Romeo says with a grin, slowly backing her into the wall so he can kiss her tenderly.

Her reply gets lost somewhere in the kiss. She winds her arms around his neck again, her hand finding its way into his hair. “Baby,” she murmurs between kisses.

"I love you, baby, I love you," Romeo says, softly and truthfully as he presses kisses wherever his lips can reach. He's forgotten that he's wet. It doesn't matter any more because he has Juliet and that's really all he needs right now.
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